Russell, John and Liz met up in the summer of 2015. Liz was looking to start a musical meetup for adults, Russell was looking to be part of an ensemble, and John, who already played with two other bands, was trying to find something non-musical to do, as he felt he was becoming a little one dimensional. That didn't work for him as more music caught his eye and the rest is history!

Liz is the boss, but we all put our musical choices into the pot and play and sing 'well-known covers with a classical twist'. We straddle genres, from Fauré to Springstein, Paul Simon to Metallica, John Lennon to Muse... a veritable cornucopia of musical surprises.


Liz had an early ambition to give every instrument a try. She started with a penny whistle, then moved on to various sizes of recorder, guitar, violin, cello, flute, piano/keyboard – but when she got to bass guitar, the list stopped growing. So now, in addition to contributing to the mellow sounds of Accord3, she plays bass in rock covers band LateShow, as well as the prestigious Peterborough Big Band.

John is a former teacher and headteacher, who, in the last twelve years, has formed, played with and fronted a variety of bands as well as performing solo. Guitar, ukulele, banjo - if it has strings, John will play it and sing to it. Back in the early 1980's, at the start of his teaching career John taught a young seven year old boy his first chord...

Russell began playing guitar when he was seven, being a pupil of the aforementioned teacher. After a hiatus of about ten years, he took up the instrument again, and gradually gravitated towards classical guitar. After playing solo for many years, purely as a hobby, Russ joined up with Liz and John to widen his musical horizons, playing his first gig with Accord3 in 2015.